Make money with YOUR ROOFTOP
⦁ Reduce your electricity bill by consuming locally produced PV electricity
⦁ Profit by exporting  generated PV electricity to the grid
⦁ Reduce your carbon footprint
⦁ Complete reliability with industry leading solution
⦁ Seamless switchover to keep your power on during outage

PV Large scale commercial grid tie power plant solution includes:

⦁ DC wiring box for String
⦁ String / Central inverter with or without integrated DC wiring box
⦁ AC combiner box with MCB´s
⦁ Low Voltage (LV) Box
⦁ LV/MV transformer
⦁ MV switchgear
⦁ Solar monitoring system

In a ground mounted photovoltaic power plant system, multiple string inverters are connected to an AC combiner box. and multiple AC combiner boxes are connected to LV Box, LV/MV transformer and switchgear before the connection to the medium voltage grid.

Using three phase string inverters, customers can benefit from faster installation and minimal system downtime due to short replacement lead time and ease of servicing. Also the optimized design approach around standard building blocks can allow customer scale project sizes up and down with ease.