Centralized photovoltaic power plant solution

Centralized solar, refers to large-scale solar plant installations, in usually remote locations. They are large solar power generation farms, producing substantial electricity, that is fed into the grid. Centralized solar farms need the same infrastructure; electrical substations are required, and transmission lines need to be run over long distances, to get that clean solar power, into the grid, and to the consumer
Laws of physics dictate, that efficiency and voltage are lost, when electricity has to travel long distances.


⦁ Optimal for large systems where production is consistent across arrays.
⦁ Proven field reliability.
⦁ Lower DC watt unit cost.
⦁ Fewer component connections.
⦁ Faster, simpler installations


Centralized photovoltaic power plant solution includes:
⦁ DC power collection
⦁ DC low voltage box
⦁ Central Inverter for power converstion
⦁ Transformer and switchgear for AC medium voltage power collection and delivery
⦁ Monitoring and control

Centralized PV power plant