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MT Global Energy has been founded in 2010 by three electrical engineers, and is specialising on solar energy solution for projects, systems and water pump  supply  for Africa market.

We are located in Cameroon neigbours of Nigeria , a suitable and stable country to make business in west and central Africa.

 Our vision

Access to electricity is fundamental to opportunity  for young African . It‘s the light that children study by; the energy that allows an idea to be transformed into a real business. It’s the lifeline for families to meet their most basic needs.  

And it’s our moral commitment to promote widespread adoption and sustainable use of renewable energy in rural area without grid connection possibility  to improved healthcare, improved education, improved economic opportunities and, even, longer life.

Our Mission

 As  the proposed energy  solutions of sub-Saharan Africa market is not yet able to meet the needs and aspirations of its citizens despite the energy poverty and very high prices, our focus is to  proposed an appropriate and available hig quality solution according customer´s  energy needs and budget to solves all the customer electricity problems to overcome energy poverty and allow acces to electricity of children and familiy with limited revenues.

 Through our experience and the expertise of our associated partners we are able to give our customers technical advice on design, engineering and installation  systems for all kinds of applications  and can provise on site  an after sales service  as well as service maintenance guarantee.

Any financing, manufacturer, NGO´s , which are interested to follow us in our mission based on solar technology  are welcome.!