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MT Global Energy

 Is a PV project developer and global players in Solar energy supply and storage solution especially for On and Off Grid Systems in Sub Saharan Africa.

MT-GE has been founded in 2010 as PV Installation and Solar Water Pump supplied company.  In 2015 we started developing Solar PV Project and scaling solar kits solution with our partners around the world to reach a very large population in Sub-Saharan Africa. we herewith participate of the economy grow in Africa and save the environment by reducing CO2 pollution promoting and using solar solution to produce electricity in their home.

Based in Cameroon with a consulting subsidiary in Germany our business is to offer suitable, reliable and high quality PV components and systems solutions, turnkey assistance to entered the Sub-Saharan Africa Markets as well as the possibility to our International partners, Investors and EPC company to develop and realized PPA´s/IPP PV Projects in Africa without worry about local office and services.


Our main business activities consists of component trade, Education and Consulting, PV project development and systems solution for Solar power and Water pump supply.

Component Trade:

This department is responsible for selection and development of suitable and high quality solar kits and water supply components for commercial, industrial and domestics PV systems according to the need of the African markets


Project development and systems solution

This division is responsible for Project development and realisation of PV projects including system sizing and the design of complete solar systems. Through our experience and the expertise of our associated partners we are able to give our customers technical advice on design, engineering and installation systems for all kinds of applications up to 20 MW.


Education  and Consulting

This division, is responsible to trained and advise customer interested on solar PV solutions and sensibilised people about the opportunities to use solar energy as this is a free primary source and the permanent, reliable, sustainable and environment friendly energy solution to compensated the energy demand, reduce power supply blackout and their electricity price as the would not have procurement and Distribution cost more.


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